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Pumpkins & More

Every color... every shape... every size! That’s our goal. We plant around 7 acres of pumpkins, squash and gourds to assure we have the varieties you will love. With over 70 varieties to choose from, you can create the perfect display that says “I love fall”.



Jack's rule, of course….and we have plenty of them to choose from! We encourage you to grab a wagon and head to the Jack Patch! Because of the location of our fields, and the nature of pumpkins (they require a 4-year rotation - meaning they can only be planted in the same field once every 4 years because of bugs and disease) we re-create the patch minus the weeds, vines and stickers! It is a beautiful, short walk from our barn! While you’re there, hop on the iron-wheeled, tractor-pulled wagon for a relaxing ride around the Jack Patch. Then stroll through the patch to find the perfect jack o’ lantern!



The fun of growing cucurbits (the technical name of vining crops) is the wide range of colors, textures and shapes that they come in. Cinderella, Boer, Valencia, Moonscape, Autumn Crown, Casperita, Indian Doll, Speckled Hound, Wee Be Little, Baby Boo, we go crazy ordering seeds each year. You will marvel at the range of colors and shapes.



We also grow edibles, which we love to encourage everyone to try. Everyone is familiar with butternut, and acorn but what about delicata? Delicata is our new family favorite! Sweet dumpling squash are a single serving, deep orange, sweet squash that is hard to beat too. Actually, most all of the specialty pumpkins are really squash and edible!



Personally, we couldn’t enjoy fall without bittersweet. Bundles and bundles of bittersweet find their way onto mantels, draped around pumpkin stacks, made into wreaths and strung across tablescapes. Once common along fence rows, now a rare treat to find! Don’t leave without a sprig or bundle! It is beautiful in any home. 



Pumpkin stacks are our signature product…hundreds of creatively designed stacks find their way onto porches, hearths, gardens and worn-out summer flower pots! Beautifully contrasting pumpkins, wrapped in bittersweet and tucked with bits of Sweet Annie and raffia are just irresistible. Elizabeth spends days stacking and decorating. Choose from our selection, or make your own! We will supply the elements and let you design your own work of art.



You will also find other fall décor that will bring that cozy, harvest time feel to your home. Ornamental corn, corn stalks, straw bales all say gather the harvest- It’s Fall!


From Springfield: Take Route 29 South to Rochester. Turn left at East Main. Follow road 10.5 miles to Road 1000. Our sign is on the left (N). Go one mile and Indian Knoll Pumpkins is on the right. Do not go to Mechanicsburg first.

Cash, check or cards are accepted. There is a 3% convenience fee for debit/credit cards.

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